A downloadable game for Windows

Arrow or W,A,S,D buttons for movement
Z,X,C and Enter all translate to shooting
You need to hold down an arrow key
to be able to shoot, in only one direction
at a time. But holding it down has a twist..

-Shoot green good dots, get them to the center (gives points)
-Prevent the red bad dots from getting to the center

The goal is to maximize the score
while preventing the destruction of the center
Fixed a bug with the bad dots and also slowed
the bad dots down to make the game more
playable (especially on reload after losing once)
A bug with bad dots and good dots colliding
has been fixed. Screen emptying adds more dots.


Polypuss-x86.zip 10 MB
Polypuss-x64.zip 11 MB
Polypuss-x64-easy-version.zip 11 MB

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