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Catgirl Pool Party is a 2d sidescrolling platformer originally indended to be developed using SGDK for the Sega Mega Drive. The Mega Drive / Genesis demo is fully free but playing it requires either a Mega Drive / Genesis emulator or a compatible console. Work on the Mega Drive / Genesis version is suspended, but development on it could still be continued later. Note that since its free its fine to use an emulator to play it

On the Mega Drive demo;
The options menu has customizable controls settings which can also be tested.
Any action button works for opening menus or starting the game.
Use start button to return to the titlescreen.

The catgirl can walk or use Aim action button to focus on aim.
Super soaker shooting kind of works. It also has curved slopes.

Added scrolling and fixed the camera view frame. The bunnygirl blows
bubbles from near the palm tree.
I've been making progress with getting gameplay going in Godot,
which has worked out well so far. It works for desktop windows.
There's still no music or sound effects and no control customization.

As for the controls in the godot version, they are listed here;
"Start" - Enter
"Select" - Spacebar (Pause/Selection in inventory; Only in the Demoday 28 version)
"Aim" - Z ("Act" in the Demoday 28 version, can display info at [?] signs)
"Shoot" - X
"Jump" - C  (uses an item while in select mode in Demoday 28 version)
And arrow keys for movement
DD28 demo has just been updated as of 8PM GMT/UTC 8th of Sept

Install instructions

Important ; For the Mega Drive demo, it requires either a Mega Drive / Genesis emulator or a compatible console.

Suggested emulator is Kega Fusion which is a cross platform emulator which runs on Windows ,Linux and OSX and is available for download here ; http://www.carpeludum.com/kega-fusion/


Catgirl demo.bin 256 kB
CGPP-DD27.zip 11 MB
Cgpp-demo-a1.zip 11 MB
CGPP-DD28.zip 21 MB

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